Tailor Made Program

We will provide an individualized treatment program to help you to get back to your activities.

Skilled Doctors

All our doctors are highly trained,competent,perceptive to your needs and the best in their fields.

Strict Infection Control

Sterilization protocols in the office are stringently followed for your safety


In the heart of South Mumbai, Hughes road, easily accessible by Road and Railway.

Our Approach


We start by doing a comprehensive clinical assessment to identify your problem and work with you to get a better

understanding of how it affects your day to day life function.
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The patient is then explained the problem and the treatment available. An then a informed decision is made

after discussing with him. All plans are evidence-based medicine driven and as per international norms.
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Next, we create an individualized treatment plan that focuses not only on treating your current symptoms, but also the

underlying source of the complaints that may be contributing to the condition.
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Once we have made some progress in the current situation, we will re-evaluate and continue working on you to get you

back to a healthy state doing your normal activities.
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Awards & Accolades


Patients Treated


Skilled Doctors

Our Patients Heal Us.. with their words!

Dr.Kirin has magic in her techniques and brain in her hands...

Vrushali (Physiotherapy Patient Dec 2018)

Resident of Malabar Hill, Mumbai

Dr.Jugal is always accurate in diagnosis & a very caring doctor...

Mr.Naidu (Diabetes Patient May 2015)

Resident of Dubai, UAE

Meet Our Team

Dr Jugal Gada

DM Endocrinology
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Dr Kirin Gada (PT)

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Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.


Why an Endocrinologist?

Endocrinologists are licensed internal medicine doctors who have passed an additional degree certification exam. After their MBBS and MD in Medicine they get trained for an additional 3 years specifically in Endocrinology (DM)(Super specialists). The whole process takes at least 12 years.

What do Endocrinologists Do?

They diagnose and treat myriad conditions that affect your hormone producing glands.

Diabetes, Thyroid (Hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism) ,Obesity , PCOS/hypogonadism , Adrenals glands disorders (Cushing’s syndrome and adrenal insufficiency), Parathyroid and Bone metabolism diseases (like osteoporosis, rickets etc), Cholesterol related disorders and Pituitary problems  (Pituitary tumours, puberty and growth-related issues)

Difference between Endocrinologist and Diabetologist?

Endocrinologists provide treatment for the problem related to all endocrine organs in the patient’s body whereas Diabetologists are specialists who only provide treatment to the patients with diabetes.

Since an endocrinologist is trained with all the hormones and has extensive training and qualification, they provide better holistic and comprehensive treatment.

All Endocrinologist are definitely diabetologist but not vice versa”


When should you see a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist provides rehabilitation, pain, and injury management to build strength and endurance, improve balance, regain mobility and optimize independence as well as many aspects relating to fitness in your life.

What other services do physiotherapists provide?

Besides above ,a physiotherapist also conducts programs that targets strength, balance and conditioning, mobility and gait training, the use of assistive equipment and orthotics if prescribed for prevention of injuries, presurgical fitness, pregnancy related exercises, balance and vertigo correction exercises and arthritis related pain management.

How many sessions will I need to get better?

This varies from person to person depending on what his problems are. This depends on several factors:

  • The extent of the injury
  • How long you have had the symptoms
  • Your fitness levels and lifestyle prior to the pain
  • How good you are at following the treatment plan


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