Geriatric Rehabilitation

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There are many conditions that affect people as they grow older and include
the following:
● Arthritis Hip, Knee,and joint replacement
● Walking, Co-ordination & balance disorders
● Osteoporosis
● Lung function disorders Alzheimer’s disease

Geriatric physical therapy comprises of therapy for such conditions and ailments and can be extremely useful if you have had a fall, accident or would just like to improve your independence and functional capabilities.

We will devise a personalised treatment programme to help you achieve the following outcomes:

● Regaining your independence
● Maximise your safety
● Reducing the risk of falling -The prevention of falls and osteoporosis
can protect the patient’s health and improve longevity
● Helping you to carry out activities of daily living
● Improving mobility indoors and outdoors
● Maintaining your muscle strength
● Balance and Gait Training