In the spine, the vertebrae (spinal bones) and intervertebral discs degenerate with ageing.


Lumbar spondylosis encompasses lumbar disc bulges, herniations, facet joint degeneration, and vertebral bony overgrowths (osteophytes).

Spondylosis is mainly caused by ageing. As people age, certain biological and chemical changes cause tissues throughout the body to degenerate.

PIVD/ Disc Bulge / Herniation

The majority of these are a result of problems with strains and stresses to the discs in the spine. These conditions generally respond very positively to an active physiotherapy program.


Sciatica is a result of spinal nerve compression (Sciatic nerve) resulting in radiating pain that can be felt along the buttocks, thighs, and knees.

Active physiotherapy has been shown to be among the most effective treatment modalities to address spinal problems.

Our program includes Core muscle training, Mobilisation physiotherapy, and pain management via electrotherapy, which provides advantages in faster recovery.


Sacroiliitis affects your SI joints, which connect your sacrum in your lower spine to your pelvis.

It is inflammation of one or both of your sacroiliac (SI) joints. Sacroiliitis can cause painful sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

It is characterized by painful inflammation throughout your low back and buttocks and may travel down through your lower extremities.

Physiotherapy treatment includes specific exercises that target and strengthen the SI joints and surrounding muscles. Strengthening the structures can help make them more stable and less susceptible to future pain.